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[cover]A haunting and remarkable novel, Winter Eyes is a tale of family secrets, silence, revelation—and the hope for healing and change. A spell-binding achievement, Winter Eyes richly fulfills the promise Booklist saw when it hailed Dancing on Tisha B'av as the debut of "a bright new talent in American fiction."

"Raphael's book resembles a piano sonata, a piece he knows so well that his fingers breathed the music."
-Los Angeles Times

"...one of the most affecting, absorbing, and quietly powerful American coming-of-age novels."

"Raphael writes about the legacy of the Holocaust in a way few writers can. About remembering and about what people do to survive the darkness of their own past."
-Sacramento Bee

"Raphael is a writer of vision like Ralph Ellison and James Baldwin."
-Jewish Bulletin (San Francisco)

Review of the German edition of Winter Eyes by Austrian "Green" politician Marco Schreuder

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