coverGet ready for Pride and Prejudice with brisket! Lizzy Bennet's an Anglo-Jew with a Jewish mother, some Jewish attitude, and lots to say about Mr. Darcy, who has some serious attitude problems of his own when it comes to “Hebrews.” When these two proud people meet, is it still love at first...slight? Will prejudice keep them from bridging the gap between Jew and Gentile? Austen's beloved novel gains new layers of comedy and drama in this ingenious mash-up.

"Hilarious and charming, genuinely delightful. An audacious reinterpretation of the divine Miss A which has one laughing out loud from the first page."
—Lauren Henderson, author of The Jane Austen Dating Book

"Lev Raphael’s version of Pride and Prejudice develops a whole new dimension and Austen's plot neatly accommodates the Jewish elements in this mash-up hand-made by a maven."
—Rachel Brownstein, author of Why Jane Austen?

"With a sly wit and deft hand, Raphael infiltrates the world of Austen's most popular novel and plays a game of What If? that simultaneously creates something fresh and reveals anew the genius of the original prose. Never have the human foibles of pride and prejudice been exposed in such a delightful way."
—Michael Thomas Ford, author of Jane Bites Back

"What's not to like?  Lev Raphael has created a witty, surprisingly effective mash-up of Pride and Prejudice envisioning the Bennet family as Jews struggling against their society’s anti-Semitism. Raphael adds amusing touches to Austen’s novel, and though fun on the surface, this mash-up hints at the devastating effects of intolerance and religious prejudice."
—Emily Auerbach, Searching for Jane Austen

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