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Death by Duvet

Editor's note: This series was inspired by a lengthy discussion on DorothyL about duvets, starting with the definition of the word and moving on to a spirited chat about the merits of duvets, personal experiences with duvets, and so forth. What any of this had to do with mysteries, the ostensible subject of the DorothyL mailing list, is unknown.

from Lev Raphael, author of Death by Duvet, featuring his new sleuth, Cotton Matherson. Soon to be a Hallmark Hall of Fame Summer Solstice Special, with Patsy Cornwell as the psychiatrist.

from Lev Raphael, author of Let's Get Ogival, a rather arch comic mystery featuring the Poirot of the 90s, Jean-Michel DuVet.

from Lev Raphael, author of Let's Get Political, in which Murphy Duvet, an honest, decent, smart, literate, cheerful, thoughtful senator investigates murky doings at OMB and finds a plot to take over Andorra and turn it into a Disney theme park. Soon to be a TV movie with Joey Hetherington.

I keep getting asked to sign copies of Let's Get Subliminal, an erotic thriller about Mona Duvet, an ad exec working on a senatorial campaign who discovers that-- Well, who cares? I didn't write it! I am not Rev. Gabriel.

from Lev Raphael, author of Let's Get Satirical, which the Dallas Duvet & Sentinel describes as "George of the Jungle" meets "Ridicule."

from Lev Raphael, author of Let's Get Episcopal, a futuristic religious thriller in which Tiara Duvet, the U.S.'s first female Bishop, is drawn into a tawdry web of international mystery convention butt-kissing and nuclear terrorism.

from Lev Raphael, whose second serial butt kissing religious legal medical supreme court thriller, Let's Get Me to the Church on Time -- starring Tiara Duvet, the stirring combo of James Bond and RuPaul -- will be broadcast to you from the dark side of the moon and infiltrate your dreams.

from Lev Raphael, author of Let's Get Crepuscular, a shadowy thriller starring Tiara Duvet and Adrian Muller.

from Lev Raphael, author of Let's Get Scribal, a medieval midlist thriller starring the Duke of Ni, an ancestor of Tiara Duvet (French for Duchovny).

from Lev Raphael, author of Let's Get Back To Talking About Mysteries, a Tiara Duvet/DorothyL talk show thriller, soon to be a mini-series starring Charlie Sheen and Sheena Easton.

from Lev Raphael, author of Let's Get Viral, a Tiara Duvet medico-thriller, soon to be a feature film with Jennifer Jason Leigh and Al Pacino, with music by Puff Daddy and Prodigy.

by Lev Raphael, author of Let's Get Publicity, a Novel of Intense Suspense, in which aspiring author Tiara Duvet holds Jim Palmer of the Money Store hostage because he denied her a $50,000 loan she needed to do PR for her first book.

from Lev Raphael, whose next Tiara Duvet book is an ecological, legal, medical, religious, erotic, political, deconstructionist thriller: Let's Get Derrida-Da.

from Lev Raphael, author of the new thriller The Texas Chain Store Massacres, starring former bishop Tiara Duvet ("My name is Duvet, Tiara Duvet"). Soon to be a Lifetime TV movie starring Tyra Banks and Russell Baker, with music by Cesaria Evora. Sodade, everyone....

from Lev Raphael, author of Death by BSP, in which Tiara Duvet investigates a fiendish plot by self-promoting authors to take over cyberspace, starting with DorothyL.

from Lev Raphael, author of The Marathon Murders, in which intrepid, buffed, but chic sleuth Tiara Duvet sponsors a marathon to publicize her new book, but runners not only drop out--they drop dead! Still, PR is PR.......

from Lev Raphael, author of The Fatal Futon, a Tiara Duvet thriller set in Japan, part-James Bond, part-Thousand Cranes. Read by Grace Jones on CD, with music by A Flock of Seagulls.

from Lev Raphael, author of The Midlist Murders, a thriller set in the publishing industry, starring Tiara Duchov--sorry, Tiara Duvet, witty scamp and martial arts expert.

Lev Raphael, whose Tiara Duvet has a life of her own now that she's a DorothyL nom. What's next for this "funky but chic" blend of Grace Jones and James Bond?

from Lev Raphael, author of The Infra Dig Murders, in which scheming Virus Duvet, Tiara Duvet's evil twin sister, plots to destroy the English language itself by infecting TV newscaster with bad subject-verb agreement. But first she sows panic by spreading rumors on the Net about phony viruses.......

From: Lev Raphael
Subject: TiaraCon
The Grand Event is nigh! The con to end all cons: "TiaraCon," sponsored by TIARAS ARE US (hhtp:// Held on the faboo island of Mustique on a date soon to be announced, this con will blow every other con out of the water! Panels will include such yummy topics as "The Duvet and Christian Mystery Writers." And every registrant will get his or her own tiara with the registration packet. Could you just die?!

From: Lev Raphael
Subject: Duvet the Deconstructionist!
Duvetconstructionism by Tiara Duvet and Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, with a forward by Rudolf Guiliani.
Chicago University Press, 459 pp., $35.95 B
SP hits the academy! With the brio of Conan the Barbarian and the muscle of Harold Bloom, this stunning new tome confirms what many of of had already guessed: all literature is not self-referential and about the inability to make meaning. Forget the "abyss of deconstructionism"! Bring on the Abbess of Deconstructionism: Tiara Duvet, who shows us that every book is about her, or barring that, about the inability to truly capture the genius of this ultra-chic polymath (Grace Jones meets James Bond and Steven Hawking). English and Comp. Lit. departments around the country are already starting Duvet Studies. Catch the wave!

From: Lev Raphael
Subject: Faboo Award Update
All proceedings of the Faboo Awards Committee will be carried live on WDVT-TV, the 24-hour Faboo Network, from noon-5 PM daily. Judges will ruminate on their decisions in a stirring and glittering combination of roller derby and wine tasting. Moderator: Dame Edna. Check local listings.

From: Lev Raphael
Subject: Best Opening Lines of 1997
from Death By Duvet, by Jasper Minktree (Porter House, $23.95): "It was no ordinary Duvet." from Shear Murder, by Ti-Grace Donzell (Cyber Systers, $24): "Her hair was cropped close to her head, and she was dead."


Date: Sun, 28 Sep 1997 00:37:47 -0400
From: Lev Raphael
Subject: REVIEW: Deja Duvet

Deja Duvet St. Hilda's Press, 176 pp., 23.95 by Lucretia Petitgout

Set in the Big Easy, this stunning debut thriller features Tiara Duvet, the former fashion model turned action heroine turned bishop turned international smuggler turned PI turned rock star. Duvet goes undercover in a morgue (but not as a corpse) to uncover neck-rophiliacs.

The book is loaded with metaphors, similes, and palindromes, taking readers for a bumper-car ride through the wild and boozy streets of one of America's great cities. Unforgettable scene: Tiara Duvet at Mardi Gras shouting "Show you my WHAT?"


Tiara Duvet wears the same outfit twice while being pursued up the Mississippi, which is really hard to believe.....!


Date: Tue, 30 Sep 1997 06:02:21 -0400
From: Lev Raphael
Subject: REVIEW: Tiara Duvet Must Die!

Tiara Duvet Must Die! St. Hilda's Press, 1997, 453 pp., $25.95
by Lucretia Petitgout, writing as Devon Manley-Cragg

You've thrilled at the rock'em, sock'em action of War and Peace. You've sounded the depths of human emotion in Speed 2. You've tasted the metaphyscial thrills of going to "Dollywood." Well, you've ready for Tiara Duvet Must Die!

Promoting her memoir, Duvet or Not Duvet, Tiara Duvet hires the QE II for a masquerade promotion party with all the resplendent excess of a Malcolm Forbes picnic, taking BSP to its ultimate limit--and beyond! But the treacherous agents of a rival publisher have plans for hijacking the boat and killing Duvet, who refused to sign a 3-book deal with them. She's been called Steven Seagal in Versace, but can this most elegant of action heroines outwit her infernal enemies? And keep that luster in her hair? The book is such an amazing page turner you'll turn more than one at a time!

Date: Sun, 5 Oct 1997 17:43:07 -0400
From: Lev Raphael
Subject: REVIEW: Apocalypstick Now!

Apocalypstick Now! St. Hilda's Press, 457 pp., $25.95
by Lucretia Petitgout writing as Devon Manley-Cragg

Tiara Duvet faces her most exciting challenge in this enigmatic but dazzling thriller which races through the love-strewn streets of Paris with all the wild grace of a fallen angel in sugar shock.

When Simone de Boudoir, millionaire makeup maven, disappears into the silken wilds of the Faubourg St. Germain, Tiara Duvet must track her down before her controversial new plutonium-based formula for a truly killer lipstick is stolen and misused by a rogue librarian intent on world domination.

This book has everything: it's a culinary cozy wrapped in the arms of a high-concept thriller, and baby, do they make beautiful music together.

from Lev Raphael, author of The Edith Wharton Murders, currently being filmed as a made-for-TV epic with Valerie Bertinelli.

Date: Thu, 9 Oct 1997 17:34:57 -0400
From: Lev Raphael
Subject: REVIEW: Canyon of Death

Canyon of Death St. Hilda's Press, 237 pp., $21.95
by Devon Mannley-Cragg writing as D. P. Crevisse

This has got to be Tiara Duvet's most stunning adventure yet! It starts with the ultimate act of BSP: The Divine Duvet rents the Grand Canyon for a soiree to celebrate the opening of Faboo University, a school specializing in fabulous honorary degrees, from B.A. to Ph.D. But a SWAT team of radical environmentalists disrupts the intimate affair, setting a bomb, seizing several famous guests, and--yes!--drinking all the Veuve Clicquot before they escape down the Colorado River. Duvet gives chase (she gives great chase!) and discovers along the way a secret colony of Nazis plotting to de-fluoridate the US. This is truly a heart-stopping, breath-taking, pause-giving (but deeply imbued with human values) thriller-cum-emotional rodeo.

Date: Sun, 19 Oct 1997 09:40:57 -0400
From: Lev Raphael
Subject: REVIEW: Mir Murder?

Mir Murder? St. Hilda's Press, 478 pp., $25.00
by Devin Mannley-Cragg writing as Marvella Briquette

This latest Tiara Duvet epic takes BSP where it's never gone before: into space!! La Duvet decides to promote her new project, Dance, You Fat Bitch! (an in-your-face exercise guide and video), by launching her own space shuttle. But in orbit, she crashes into the Russian vessel Mir, where there's been a murder, maybe. Talk about your locked-door mystery! Can Tiara solve the case and keep the Cold War from re-erupting? The burning prose here reaches for the stars:

"Tiara Duvet was a fiery warrior, a wild woman of the world, a dancing demon, a divine devil with a blue dress who took no prisoners because she travelled light."

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