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Infrequently Asked Questions (IFAQs)

From: Lev Raphael
Subject: Infrequently Asked Questions

  1. 1--How many trains have to be in a WOO-WOO mystery?
  2. 2--Do you like mysteries by authors with good posture or bad?
  3. 3--Which Edgars category are you judging and can I take you to dinner?
  4. 4--If the lesbian element comes to your signing, should you have the book store call 911 or put out more herbal teas?

From: Lev Raphael
Subject: Infrequently Asked Questions

  1. 1--How would you handle your TBR pile on a desert island?
  2. 2--Does it matter if you don't have good book shelves there?
  3. 3--Would a duvet help or hurt your reading speed?
  4. 4--Would gender make a difference in being rescued/being a rescuer?
  5. 5--Should you just consider your eternity of loneliness there a very very long "hiatus"?

From: Lev Raphael
Subject: (MORE) IFAQs (More) Infrequently Asked Questions

  1. 1--Do you read more male or more female posters on DorothyL?
  2. 2--Can scrolling through the list too quickly cause convulsions, blackouts, and memory loss?
  3. 3--Do you wait until you've finished a post before posting a riposte?

From: Lev Raphael
Subject: Still More IFAQs Infrequently Asked Questions Redux

  1. 1--What really happens at the listserv when DorothyL gets truncated or doesn't show up at all? Where does it GO?
  2. 2--How many phony virus warnings does it take to make Kara grind her teeth?
  3. 3--Is the crisis in Bosnia any more off-topic than duvets?
  4. 4--How many subscribers are more upset by a cat killing than serial murders (in a book)?

From: Lev Raphael
Subject: Even MORE IFAQs

  1. Can I receive my digest organized so that intemperate posts are separated out and arranged by ascending (or descending) ire?
  2. Can I make sure that posters who disagree with me get accidentally bounced off DorothyL at least once a season?
  3. If I experience identity confusion between my real self and my nom de clavier identity, will Kara recommend a therapist or spa?
  4. If there's a REAL VIRUS WARNING do we destroy our computers the way chickens were slaughtered in Hong Kong?

From: Lev Raphael
Subject: Still More IFAQs

  1. If I'm an author and not really touring, but just heading to the mall book store to see if my new book is in stock, is it BSP to mention that on the list?
  2. Since authors have been growled at on DorothyL for thanking readers who mention their books, will the reverse hold true? What happens when an author thanks a certain fan for *not* reading a book the author thinks the fan wouldn't appreciate?
  3. If some of our best friends are librarians, do we stay mum on the Miss Zukas question, or does that give us license?
  4. Can I get a double nom de clavier, that is, have an alter ego take the name of someone on the list who actually exists--or at least posts?

From: Lev Raphael
Subject: Even More Infrequently Etc.

  1. Parnell Hall said at BCon that he doesn't write comedy but suspense, so is his new book SUSPENSE a memoir about his career?
  2. Is it really necessary to read an author's book before you trash it or the author off-list?
  3. Are there more DorothyL-ers interested in sex in mysteries or mystery in sex? What happens if there's a tie?

From: Lev Raphael
Subject: Some More IFAQs

  1. Do we get extra credit for carefully reading every single post on every single digest and committing them all to memory?
  2. Is there a prize for the 1000th query of "Can we talk about mysteries again?"
  3. If Sue Grafton can have an element named after her--Graftonite--what (non-award) honors are available to the rest of us?

From: Lev Raphael
Subject: Extra Infrequently Asked Questions

  1. Are there any regional quilting mysteries with tattooed sleuths?
  2. Is "alleluia" Latin for Siobhan?
  3. How many critics does it take to change a light bulb?

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