Ten Things I Hate About “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom”

I enjoyed 2015’s Jurassic World for the thrills and the humor, though it wasn’t nearly as smart, surprising, and beautiful as Jurassic Park.  But even an extra bag of popcorn couldn’t keep me interested in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Here are just ten aspects of this turkey that frustrated me–and yes, I know, it’ll be a gigantic hit despite being crap.

The set-up, in case you haven’t heard, is that Isla Nublar’s volcano is going to explode and wipe out the island’s dinosaurs.  Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard are there alongside scores of soldiers of war to help round up “eleven species” (why not a baker’s dozen?) and get them to a sanctuary.

Spoilers ahead.

1–After dinosaurs have killed so many people, how believable is a movement organized to protect them?

2–What’s supposed to be Chris Pratt and Bryce Howard’s witty repartee about their breakup sounds juvenile.

3–The bad guy mercenary leading the effort to capture the dinosaurs looks eerily like Mel Brooks.

4–The movie keeps telegraphing what’s coming. Example: the camera focuses on a pillow so the audience knows someone will be suffocated in bed.

5–Several floors including a huge lab and gigantic cages got constructed deep beneath a rich man’s mansion and he has no idea it happened.

6–One vicious dinosaur is stopped by a simple wooden wall when a smaller dinosaur’s just broken through brick.

7–A kid being chased by a dinosaur who’s seen its destructive power hides in her bed, not even under it.

8–Sale prices in the dinosaur auction seem way too low given their rarity.

9–Dinosaurs aren’t invulnerable, so what would be the point of turning them into battlefield weapons?

10–Jeff Bloom’s closing, pompous testimony to Congress about living with the dinosaurs comes off as stoner wisdom.

I read reviews after seeing it, and the Boston Globe pegs it by noting the movie lacks “character, mystery, wonder, danger.”

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4 thoughts on “Ten Things I Hate About “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom””

  1. but all in all the movie is full of adventure and some exciting scenes. It is quite frightening when compared to its previous version and will have a sequel to this version as well. Watching this movie will definitely shoot your adrenaline.

    • It had its moments, sure, but overall was dull and derivative. It’s got a pretty poor Rotten Tomatoes rating, which I didn’t bother to check before going. I just watched the very first Jurassic movie which was more magical and exciting by far.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Honestly I hated the ending.
    Just because the girl was also a clone like the dinosaurs it doesn’t mean they wont harm other beings. I mean she is not that young to understand that all of those extinct clones are destructive. If I was in place of Clarie or Owen I would have abandoned that girl after she pressed the button. Because of her stupid ideology many people and animals will die.
    Stupid writing. There could have been another twist. Like faulty cages or something. It would have been better than blaming a character.

    • Good points. It fits with typical thriller writers making characters do dumb things to move the story forward.


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